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  1. Thoughts on Life

  2. Today’s Purple Thought

    God’s timing is the best timing. I’ve learned to schedule my life according to his will.

  3. Today’s Purple Thought

    Trapped inside of you is a vision that can change the world. Unleash it. It will feel so good.

  4. Mothers as Survivors

    Surviving The Fire On March 7, 1999, my husband, six sons, and I faced an unimaginable tragedy. We awoke to a 4 alarm house fire that resulted in the death of our 22-month twin son, severe injuries to myself and the other twin, and the complete loss of all of our earthly possessions. The road […]

  5. Faith and Fire

      The Mother of His Children He knelt on one knee. The tiny box appeared out of nowhere. My heart skipped a beat. This is it…he’s going to ask me. “Tina”, he said in the most loving voice, “Will you be the Mother of my children?” Not exactly the question I anticipated but a far […]